All supplies are available at: Life and Food Superstore (our NEW art store), 6234 US 301 in Ellenton.

Instructor will have some supplies on hand to purchase. 

Rent everything needed for class for $6.  Call to reserve before class.


Watercolor Palette with LARGE mixing areas. Squeeze small amount in palette mixing areas in the following order.
• Lemon Yellow (no nickel titanium)
•  Quinacridone Gold or New Gamboge
• Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose (other reds, crimsons or rose madders will not work)
• Ultramarine Blue
• Pthalo Blue (gs)
• Indigo
Optional colors:  Burnt Sienna,  Opera Rose, Cobalt Blue or Manganese Blue

These colors are the ONLY COLORS used in ALL classes. Most sets contain only 2 or 3 of these colors, so buy individual tubes.


Brushes:  Synthetics or blends are often better than sables, but make sure they are designated as watercolor brushes. (short handles)
. In most sets brushes are too small and very poor quality. Best buys are brushes such as these:
#6, #8, #10 rounds   (Princeton Velvetouch Long Round or Raphael Precision Rounds or KingArt Gold.

3/4 or 1” flat brush   (Escoda Versatil is terrific!  Princeton Elite Stroke brush is also a great flat wash brush)

Optional Brushes:

Princeton Neptune Quill or Raphael Quill Brush is excellent for a large wash that covers quickly with a point for details

Large flat brush or makeup brush for wetting paper

A small bristle brush (1/4” flat) for scrubbing

Paper: Arches 140# Cold Press Watercolor Paper  (22 x 30 full sheet $8@ cut into 1/4 sheets $2@) or these brands: Winsor & Newton, Richeson, Fabriano, Saunders Waterford  
(NO Strathmore paper or pads. You will have difficulty painting on this paper.)


2 Water Containers (margarine containers or larger)

Masking Tape (no colors, please. Cheap stuff is fine)

Paper support, 1/4 sheet size of non-porous board such as Cor-Plast.  I will have these for $3.

Pencil & Notepad or clipboard

Kneaded Eraser or Moo Eraser (other erasers should be used on watercolor paper)

Natural sponge,  great for scrubbing out or lifting

Paper Towels (softer ones like Viva are better)  Bring old washcloth for blotting brush for water control