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Welcome to the Classroom
Current Class Demos and New Projects

Artist's Studio Painting
6503 67th Street East, Palmetto in Heather Glen
10:00-2:30  Bring lunch.
Call 224-3737 to sign up--limit 12- $25



Oct. 14 - Beach House with Pickets Fence

Four sanderlings feeding on the edge of the surf

Sanderlings on the Water's Edge

Young girl about to wade into the surf at Malibu Beach

On the Edge at Malibu Beach

Two roseatte spoonbills

Spoonbills in the Reeds

Girl with roller skates walking down LA street

LA Skater

red boathouse reflecting in pond surrounded by trees

Red Boathouse on the Pond

Two sandhill cranes in mating dance

Sandhill Crane Dance

white poppies in the field

White Poppies

two donkeys, pink barn, fence, Arizona

Donkeys South of Tucson

Malibu Beach Overlook



Fiorella Tea House
Call 941-224-3737 to sign up--limit 6- $

7628 Lockwood Ridge Road
Sarasota, Florida


July 13 - Pecheria

July 20 -   Roseatte Spoonbills
Three roseate spoonbills gathered in the water to feed

Aug. 3 - Pink Poppy
bright pink poppy, green background

Available for workshops at your location. Call for information.



Sun City Center


Palm Aire C.C.



Plymouth Harbor


Colony Cove Art Group


Keeton's Class
Call 259-1449 to sign up--limit 15- $



Oct. 10 - Little Beach House

Oct. 17 - Morning Glories

 Pair of moorhens reflecting in green water

Moorhens Reflecting

polo players on horseback

 Polo Match

Rafters on Colorado River white water run

White Water Rafting

Veggie market in Cinque Terre Italy

Lisa Market Italy

black and white dog on gray couch with colorful serape

Doggie Lounge

cats, Venice, green shutters, street scene

Cats on a Venice Backstreet

loggerhead sea turtle diving deep

Diving Sea Turtle




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